The Hope Eden Experience

Owning a Racehorse with Hope Eden Racing

Welcome to our horse racing syndicate,  Hope Eden Racing Australia, where our shared passion for horse racing brought us together and turned our dreams into reality. Through our deep connections within the industry, we embarked on a journey that has now become a thriving venture. Allow us to introduce the founding members: Graeme, Mick, Kenny, and James.

Our story began in the heart of Flemington, Melbourne, where we would gather regularly in the front bar of the Quiet Man Irish pub. As avid horse racing enthusiasts, we soon realized that there was a gap in the market within the local racing industry. Trainers needed owners, and we saw an opportunity to bridge that gap and create a unique experience for both parties.

While owners have various reasons for getting involved in horse racing, one thing stands out above all else – enjoyment. We understand the thrill and excitement that comes from owning and watching our horses compete on the track. This shared joy and the desire to provide an unparalleled racing experience became the driving force behind our syndicate.

Through our industry connections, we have been able to collaborate with renowned trainers, securing exceptional horses and creating opportunities for others to join us in this thrilling journey. Our commitment to professionalism, transparency, and a shared love for the sport has enabled us to build a successful syndicate that continues to grow and achieve remarkable results.

We believe that horse racing is not just a sport; it’s a way of life that brings people together, ignites passion, and creates lifelong memories. By being part of our syndicate, you become part of a community that shares in the excitement, camaraderie, and triumphs of the racing world.

Whether you are an experienced owner or new to the horse racing scene, we invite you to join us and experience the thrill of ownership first hand. Discover the joy of watching our horses thunder down the track, feel the rush of victory, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

At our syndicate, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional racing experience, fostering strong relationships, and ensuring the enjoyment of all involved. Come be a part of our exciting journey and let’s embark on new horizons together.

Join us and let the thrill of horse racing be your guide.

Our Philosophy

Extensive research has been undertaken over the past two years and we now feel that we can offer an exciting and vibrant operation to satisfy the needs of our clientele. 

What we do bring is a combination of people that are familiar with running large organisations, financial acumen and a heavy focus on dealing with clientele. 

This will provide a positive and supportive experience for all our stakeholders who embrace shared ownership. 

Our current philosophy is to continue to buy yearlings and along with the clientele enjoy the career of each horse but also each other as we watch as they progress. We will ensure that all the clients will be fully updated on the progress of each horse that they have an involvement in. 

Renowned Racing Talent

All horses purchased will be selected by Paul Beshara, now retired multiple group one trainer. Paul has an extensive knowledge in identifying quality animals. Paul is painstakingly thorough in the selection process. 

All yearlings purchased will be trained by Philip Stokes with operations in Adelaide and Melbourne. Philip is regarded as one of Australia’s leading trainers. Additionally, Hope Eden is also reviewing the New Zealand racing industry to secure a series of “Ready to Run” horses that would be suitable to race and hopefully successful under Australian conditions. 

This undertaking will be done by Richard Cully, ex top Jump’s jockey and now a trainer in his own right and pre-trainer to a series of elite trainers at his Ballarat training complex. Richard has strong connections with the NZ racing industry having been a top jockey to major stables. All horses sourced from New Zealand will be available for syndication. 

How a Horse Racing Syndicate Works

Owners’ pay a contribution towards the syndicate, appropriate to the level of their share.

This contribution is determined by Hope Eden and based on a number of factors, thus it varies horse to horse. Owners’ contributions entitle them to a percentage share in their horse and, as a horse’s success grows, so does its potential prize winnings – of which stakeholders receive a share – and its future resale value.

Hope Eden Racing’s role is to coordinate the management of horses, trainers, race entries, prize administration and veterinary services, stables and stud, among other matters. For this, Hope Eden receives management fees, taken from initial and ongoing contributions and future resale values.

Benefits of Owning a Share in a Racehorse

Owner's Badges

Hope Eden members receive Owners’ and Trainers’ passes for race meetings, allowing access to the Paddock, Winners’ Enclosure and Owners’ Bar.

Owner's Briefings

You will be kept up-to-date about our horse, with regular feedback from our trainers about progress, race entries and more.

Stable Visits

Regular stable visits are organised so you can meet your horse’s trainer and see them in action.